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Saturday Story Hour with David Kirk

  • Edgartown Books 44 Main St Edgartown, MA, 02539 United States (map)

Please join David as he reads his new book, Oh So Brave Dragon, and entertains with "Dragon Play".

A young, ruby-red dragon with emerald eyes explores the meanings of bravery and fear in this sequel to Oh So Tiny Bunny (2012).  

The young dragon is just beginning to feel strong and brave, flapping its wings and spewing fiery, “fearsome breath” that scares away smaller creatures such as bunnies and birds. But when the dragon tries out its first, full-scale bellow, a gigantic sound emerges in a memorable double-page spread with the word “ROAR” emerging from the dragon’s wide-open mouth alongside a swarm of terrified bees. The surprised dragon is afraid of its own roar—what sort of monster might have made such a terrible sound? Now much calmer and friendlier, the dragon goes around the forest repeatedly asking, “Did you hear the monster?” The dragon spreads its wings to gather in all the other creatures, and together they make loud roaring sounds to scare away the lurking monster. The dragon is just slightly scary, with a forked tongue, sharp teeth and glowing green eyes, and its blustery bravado and emotional about-face to quivery fear will resonate with kids who can relate to both sides. The huge roaring sounds in supersized display type will also be a hit with young readers, who will want to roar along.

An engagingly subtle way to convey the power of friends in helping us face our fears, real or not.