Green Space, Green Time: The Way of Science (Hardcover)

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In a provocative book that is sure to be controversial, Connie Barlow puts forth a compelling case for breaching the barrier between science and religion-in effect, for a reunification of knowledge and meaning. Evolutionary biology, rendered as an Epic of Evolution, provides a powerful origin story appropriate for our times. Conservation biology, ecology, and Gaia theory all reveal how we fit in with the natural world; Barlow argues that they can not only inform our ethics but also expand our sense of meaning. In dozens of unusually candid conversations with leading scientists and philosophers, she presents an emerging view of a new meaning for science in our lives-and why this new meaning is crucial for our times. "Green Space, Green Time could well mark a turning point in humanity's troubled relationship with nature." -John Davis Editor, Wild Earth Magazine.

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ISBN: 9780387947945
ISBN-10: 0387947949
Publisher: Copernicus Books
Publication Date: September 26th, 1997
Pages: 329
Language: English