Vrilology: The Secret Science of the Ancient Aryans (Paperback)

Vrilology: The Secret Science of the Ancient Aryans By Robert Blumetti Cover Image
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We have within us the ability to achieve limitless possibilities. This ability is the Life Force that we share with the Gods who created us, it is known as Vril. Blumetti now explains how we can tap into this all-powerful force to help transform our lives. Through the use of Galdor and Seither science, which is known as Vrilology, we can now reestablish the broken bonds with the Gods who created us, causing Balder to rise and fill us with his vital Life Force. Once you have accomplished this, you will discover an entirely new realm of human achievement that resides within you, a realm where all things are possible.

In this sequel to Blumetti's first book, The Book of Balder Rising, he explains how the Gods descended to earth and mixed their Life Force with our ancestors ten thousand years ago, and how they taught them to use the Vril to build an advance civilization that we refer to as Atlantis. But they misused the Vril and destroyed their civilization, and as refugees, spread something of the lost science of Vrilology across Eurasia.

In Vrilology, you can discover the history and power of the Vril for yourself.

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ISBN: 9780595385041
ISBN-10: 0595385044
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: March 16th, 2006
Pages: 344
Language: English