The Secret Grotto: Dare to believe (Paperback)

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Dare to believe In this true and riveting story, a novice cave owner, almost overnight becomes a site steward for a newly discovered Native American landmark sacred ground; one of only eight known designated caverns in the United States in 1988. An enigmatic beautiful grotto secluded and sheltered away by protective prior landowners for nearly a century. It would seem this secret grotto would be spared modern-day commercial exploitation; being predestined for a higher purpose of a Divine design. A pristine uncharted ornate cave, would wake to reveal its shrouded legacy of long guarded secrets; emerging into a new dawn of discovery and enlightenment. No one could have predicted what grotto secrets would be uncovered with such astonishing results, transcending time from antiquity into the present day. Over the ages, many persons would be stirred by what they could not see, but felt in their hearts, as an omnipresent power radiated throughout the secret grotto, guiding untold numbers out of the dark and into the light.

About the Author

Bill Marohnic first came to Kentucky 40 years ago to attend Graduate school at the University of Kentucky. Upon completing his Degree, he never had an urge to live anywhere other than the State he had grown to love so. He spends his time now on the farm, caring for rescue horses, and as an Innkeeper.

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ISBN: 9780692072530
ISBN-10: 0692072535
Publisher: Madelyn Marohnic Publisher
Publication Date: February 5th, 2018
Pages: 200
Language: English