Texarkana (A Perley Gates Western #6) (Mass Market)

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From the Greatest Western Writers of the 21st Century, William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone, the 6th blazing adventure featuring Perley Gates, a new hero in the Old West who’s carving out his own legacy in the violent American frontier. He’s as honest and good as his heavenly name, so when an unholy trio of cutthroat rustlers turn a routine horse drive into an epic showdown between good and evil—with a little divine justice from gunfighting legend Perley Gates…


At first, the job sounds easy: lead a small herd of horses across the Arkansas–Texas border to the Double-D ranch near Texarkana. No problem—at least not for a man like Perley Gates. In fact, he’s looking forward to the 150-mile journey with his old sidekick Possum Smith and young Sonny Rice, and doesn’t expect any trouble along the way. Unfortunately, trouble has a way of finding Perley Gates. This time, it’s a trigger-happy trio of horse thieves who take one look at old Possum, young Sonny, and the low-key Perley, and decide they’re three very easy targets. But in the Old West, nothing comes easy. Except death…
So begins one hell of a showdown. On one side are the forces of evil itself, with notorious gunslinger Spade Devlin gunning for blood. On the other side are a few good men, a town under siege—and a merciless angel of vengeance named Perley Gates…

About the Author

William W. Johnstone is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over three hundred novels of Western adventure, military action, and chilling suspense, and with over 35 million books in print, he is the best-selling Western writer in the world. Born in southern Missouri, he was raised with strong moral and family values by his minister father, and tutored by his schoolteacher mother. He left school at fifteen to work in a carnival and then as a deputy sheriff before serving in the army. He went on to become known as "the Greatest Western writer of the 21st Century." Visit him online at WilliamJohnstone.net.

J.A. Johnstone learned to write from the master himself, Uncle William W. Johnstone, who began tutoring J.A. at an early age. After-school hours were often spent retyping manuscripts or researching his massive American Western History library as well as the more modern wars and conflicts. J.A. worked hard—and learned. "Every day with Bill was an adventure story in itself. Bill taught me all he could about the art of storytelling. 'Keep the historical facts accurate,' he would say. 'Remember the readers, and as your grandfather once told me, I am telling you now: be the best Johnstone you can be." J.A. Johnstone has co-written numerous bestselling series with William W. Johnstone including The First Mountain Man, The Brothers O'Brien, Preacher, and The Last Mountain Man.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780786049066
ISBN-10: 0786049065
Publisher: Pinnacle
Publication Date: November 30th, 2021
Pages: 352
Language: English
Series: A Perley Gates Western