Ausar: Sage Ruler of the Higher-Self (Paperback)

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By Xribe
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Ausar: Sage Ruler of the Higher-Self is my personal understanding of the mythology surrounding Egypt's pre-biblical slain and resurrected Divine personality; Ausar (Osiris). In this book I give different accounts, as told by Egypt's sages and prophets, where Ausar is depicted as the main character followed by metaphysical, historical and scientific renderings of these pre-biblical narratives. This book consists of scriptural verses from both the Bible and Quraan in my attempt to resonate with the readers level of consciousness. A concordance is provided for defining key elements of the story linguistically (using Medu Neter), scripturally (along with the original script of the religious text), scientifically (as it pertains to health) and historically. I have also provided illustrations for clarity where needed. And lastly, I provide the reader with historic personalities that embody the principles demonstrated by the mythological Ausar.

About the Author

A long time resident of Somerset, New Jersey, Xribe (pronounced scribe) recently relocated with his family to Waxhaw, North Carolina. Xribe has had poems published in "The Newark Review" and participated in open-mic venues in both New Jersey and Washington, DC. Currently, Xribe's works include "Heru: Afraka's Pre-Biblical Christ", "Ausar: Sage Ruler of the Higher-Self", "Helios Biblios: Book of Ra", Medu Neter (Egyptian Hieroglyphs), Organic Bible Study, Afrakan Bible Study, and "Djwelz uv Da So(u)l, his book of poetry.

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