The Wit and Wisdom of Jeremy Clarkson (Paperback)

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THE WIT AND WISDOM OF JEREMY CLARKSON 67 stunningly empty pages detailing all the hilarious and insightful things Jeremy has ever said. If it's witty and wise, and he said it, it's in this book. With plenty of room to write notes to remind yourself just how un-amusing and hateful this gigantic great big turd of a man is, this is the ideal gift for all non Clarkson fans out there, and for Clarkson fans too - because they're worth it. The book features a real introduction and chapter headings, a nice glossy cover with Jeremy on it, and in between all that, absolutely nothing. "Every funny thing Jeremy Clarkson has ever said is in this book". GUARDIAN "A perfect gift for anyone normal". MADIBA "A pathetic insult to one of the last truly Great Britons". THE DAILY MAIL Other EMPTY BOOKS include: EVERYTHING FUN ABOUT UKIP DAVID CAMERON: EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT ANYTHING THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MALE USEFULNESS THE INTEGRITY OF PIERS MORGAN MANCHESTER UNITED: THE TROPHY CABINET STORY 2014-50 THE POINT OF KATIE HOPKINS BORIS JOHNSON: EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT THE REAL WORLD THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE VERY BEST OF STOKE GOOD REASONS TO SUPPORT CHELSEA ANN WIDDECOMBE: EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT SEX.

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ISBN: 9781495450372
ISBN-10: 1495450376
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 5th, 2014
Pages: 68
Language: English