How to witness to a Seventh Day Adventist: Witnessing to a Seventh Day Adventist (Paperback)

How to witness to a Seventh Day Adventist: Witnessing to a Seventh Day Adventist By Alfredo David Cover Image
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A Christ centered approached to witnessing to a Seventh Day Adventist. Provides valuable insights into doctrines "Pillars of Adventism" and evaluates them with a biblical perspective. A must read for those interested in building a bridge for effective witnessing. Introduction The most prevalent question a member of the SDA Church will ask a non-SDA is; How they feel about the "Sabbath", their day of worship (the 4th Commandment). Secondly, the matter of "soul sleep", which an SDA views opposing views as "spiritualism". SDA teachings are heavily or entirely relied upon the teachings of their accepted prophetess Ellen G. White. Mrs. White was and remains the corner stone of SDA believes. One must be familiar with some of her writings to understand SDA thought on Christian doctrines. It is beside the point in this brief study to proof if Mrs. White was or was not a prophet of God. When undertaking a bible study with an SDA, most of their reasoning will come from Mrs. White's writings. A study of the "Law" at Mount Sinai with an SDA will be undertaken in an attempt to demonstrate a distinction of a "moral law" and "ceremonial law". The purpose of this for an SDA is to establish the relevance of keeping the 10 Commandments as pivotal to establishing and maintaining a relationship with God. We must respectfully listen to what they present, and then challenge them to further proof it in the bible alone. As the bible is accepted by them as having partial authority over doctrines, along the side with Mrs. White's writings.

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