The Evolution Delusion (Paperback)

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The Evolution Delusion is written by Bo Kirkwood, D.O., demonstrating that not everyone who opposes evolution is an uneducated religious fanatic. Dr. Kirkwood examines evolution from a scientific perspective to show that evolution is not based on the scientific method; rather it is a philosophy accepted by men who have rejected God's revelation and excluded the possibility of the miraculous. The evolutionary theory conflicts with many scientific facts. The presuppositions assumed by evolutionary theory are mathematically so improbable that only a rabid faith in the theory would cause one to continue to defend it. After showing the weaknesses of the evolutionary theory, Dr. Kirkwood looks at the Biblical alternative - creation. Dr. Kirkwood's work is written so that one who is not a science professional will have little trouble comprehending his arguments.

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ISBN: 9781584274070
ISBN-10: 1584274077
Publisher: Guardian of Truth Foundation
Publication Date: November 1st, 2015
Pages: 222
Language: English