Authentic Leadership: Embracing Your Archetypal Gifts (Paperback)

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Authentic Leadership: Embracing Your Archetypal Gifts introduces 11 authentic leadership archetypal gifts and guidance on how to clear the way to activate and use those gifts. Authored by Angie McCourt founder and Success + Mindset Coach of Authentic Me Revolution.

In this transformational non-fiction book Angie identifies the many outdated behaviors that impact how we show up authentically as a leader. She is an advocate to increase awareness, acknowledgement, activation and appreciation of our authentic leadership gifts that bring value to culture and business. Offering a examples of modeling to identify, activate and integrate these gifts. This paradigm shift will change our future innovation, interaction, relationships and teams.

This is the second book in this series focusing on the current leadership evolution driving authenticity. How this time of uncertainty, unpredictability, non-linear timelines and swirling speed are requiring a need for change and expansion. The book challenges old ways of how we behave in business where much of the tactics have been predictable or structured without flexibility. It explains the importance of breaking through behaviors, inner barriers and blocks that hold us back from building the skills and capacities needed in authentic leadership. With each block featured there is also a Make Your Shift exercise helping to break through the block and integrate change.

Highlighting skills and capacities needed to navigate change and inspire others on the journey. Leading up to a deep dive into the authentic leadership archetypal gifts that will drive innovation over the next few decades. Many of these gifts come from a place of dormancy currently in each of us. Set by outdated precedence and old structures categorizing these gifts as weak or not impactful. In truth, they are the most important gifts of authentic leadership needed today and well into the future.

Each gift is modeled with an example and outlined with impacts and challenges. The contributions made through interviews conducted offer impactful examples of how to integrate the gifts of authentic leadership and put them into practice. Now is the time to embrace the evolution and revolution to authentic leadership.

This book will....

  • Bring awareness of the state of leadership evolution.
  • Educate on outdated behaviors with tips to activate consciousness.
  • Bring awareness of authentic leadership gifts that may relate to the reader.
  • Provide real life examples through my own stories and observations.
  • Stories of how real leaders practice authentic leadership gifts.

If you're ready to evolve your leadership to utilize the skills and capacities needed to maximize team's experiences and meet them where they are at dive into the blueprint. Business, community and our world need your natural born gifts.

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ISBN: 9781737683131
ISBN-10: 173768313X
Publisher: Authentic Me Revolution
Publication Date: October 20th, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English