Wicca Made Easy: Awaken the Divine Magic within You (Paperback)

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America's most renowned Wiccan shares the beliefs and practices of this sacred feminine spirituality in an introductory book.

Welcome to the oldest spiritual tradition in the world.

One of the first Wiccan Priestesses to 'come out of the broom closet,' Phyllis Curott has forever changed the perception of Wicca in the Western world. In this book, Phyllis re-introduces the life-sustaining wisdom and techniques that will connect you to the Divine and to the love, abundance and spiritual wisdom of Mother Earth. You'll learn how to:

  • attune your body, mind and spirit to Nature's rhythms to create a life of harmony, peace and fulfillment
  • enter spirit realms and work with spirit guides, power animals and spirits of place for guidance and healing
  • cast gorgeous spells and create sacred spaces and altars to nourish your soul
  • practice empowering lunar and Sabbat rites to experience divine communion
  • embody your spirit, empower your purpose and manifest your gifts

  • This engaging and inspiring book will open your heart, your mind and your spirit to the Sacred around and within you. It's time to awaken your life to its divine magic!

    About the Author

    Phyllis Curott is a spiritual trailblazer and Priestess, an attorney and bestselling author whose groundbreaking books have made Wicca accessible to the world and awakened an entire generation to the Goddess. She is Vice Chair Emerita of the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions and founder of the Temple of Ara.

    Praise For…

    Wicca Made Easy is pure magic. I was enchanted from the very page. Phyllis Curott has articulated the ancient language and practice of Divinity known as Wicca that speaks to our very bone marrow and welcomes us home to the Sacredness of everyday life.’
    Christiane Northrup, M.D.New York Times best‑selling author of Goddesses Never Age and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

    ‘In this lively and engaging introduction to the rebirth of an ancient wisdom way, Phyllis Curott invites us to embrace the whole of creation as imbued with the sacred and our own bodies as boundlessly holy. This book is a call to community, an endorsement of feminine leadership, a remembrance of our birthright of mutual belonging and beautiful magic.’
    Mirabai Starr, author of God of Love and Caravan of No Despair

    ‘Wicca offers spiritual wisdom and wholeness that have been missing in the popular culture for millennia. Phyllis Curott takes us beyond the erroneous beliefs of a patriarchal past by embracing the Goddess and bringing forth passion, truth and healing with nature, and for all. Her gem of a book restores Wicca’s potent do-able rituals in everyday practice. In co-creating with Mother Nature we can erase habits cemented by misguided history and reclaim inner harmony, grace and gratitude.’
    Maya Tiwari, Ayurveda author, humanitarian and peace leader

    ‘Bringing the Old Religion in tune with the modern spirits of Nature, this book is a must for anyone exploring the Craft and its more shamanic aspects and incorporating them into modern Witchcraft practice.’
    Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, authors of A Witches’ BibleThe Witches’ GoddessThe Inner Mysteries and Lifting the Veil

    ‘In this fresh and evolved book for newcomers as well as adepts, Phyllis shares her wisdom and life experience with writing that is cohesive, smooth and anchored in a relaxed and welcoming tone. Clear, enlightened – both energetically and practically – and really well-organized in the way the wisdom and practices unfold. I love the strong shamanic wisdom shining through.’
    Fiona Horne, author of Pop! Goes the Witch and The Naked Witch

    ‘A much‑needed guide in a time when humanity needs to re‑learn the sacredness of all life. These pages will tune you in to the divinity within you and also the divinity within all sacred creation. A great little book for the merely curious as well as for those who want to delve deeper.’
    Ellen Evert Hopman, author of The Real Witches of New EnglandSecret Medicines from Your Garden and A Legacy of Druids

    ‘Phyllis Curott weaves the Wiccan revival together with core shamanism, and this welcomed book provides an accessible guide for blossoming intuition into an awakened personal magic, awareness and purpose. With refreshing clarity, she conveys for people of all genders the appeal of a modern witchcraft that is capable of serving a world in need of a sanely organic and joyful re‑balancing.’
    Professor Michael York, Bath Spa University, contributor to Pagan Ethics

    Wicca Made Easy covers the many mysteries of Wiccan theory and practice and reveals itself as far more of an active workbook than a typical reference. Covering the fundamentals with a keen insight honed from years of practice, Phyllis pleasantly places Nature and its beauty in the forefront of her mystical practices. Wicca Made Easy would be a perfect gift for a new initiate eager to begin experiencing Nature’s powerful and spiritual scope and all things magical.'
    Andrew Theitic, publisher of The Witches’ Almanac and co‑author of The Rede of the Wiccae

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    Publisher: Hay House UK
    Publication Date: November 20th, 2018
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