Options Trading for Beginners: How to Create Passive Income Using Simple Strategies Step by Step. Crash Course (Hardcover)

Options Trading for Beginners: How to Create Passive Income Using Simple Strategies Step by Step. Crash Course Cover Image
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If you want to make profits from the stock market, most people think in terms of buying a lot of shares and day or swing trading them.

That can work, but the downside of trading stocks and earning short term profits is that you have to invest thousands of dollars - even tens of thousands of dollars, in order to make a profit of $200 or $500.

What if there was a way to make a $200 profit in a single day on the stock market - only investing $100 or $200?

It turns out there is, and the way to do it is by trading options.

Options are a way to use leverage to earn big profits on the stock market. Leverage normally means using borrowed money in order to make profits, but in the case of options you use leverage in a completely novel way. An options contract gives you the control of one hundred shares of stock, and you can earn big profits on the price movements of that stock without actually owning it. That is true leverage

What's more, as we'll see options allow you to make profits on the price movements of stock that are not possible when simply buying shares. For example, you can make money on options contracts in the same way that you would buying stock, that is if the share price of a given stock goes up, you earn a profit.

But, unless you are a big-time player, that is the only way you can make profits on the price movements of stock - buying shares. It turns out that with options you can easily make profits on declining stock prices, even when you only invest a hundred or two hundred dollars.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Passive Income
  • Options Trading Basics
  • Risk Management
  • Choosing a Broker
  • Brokers and Trading Platforms
  • Calls and Puts
  • Options Trading Strategies
  • Collars
  • Covered Calls
  • Technical Analysis
  • Understanding Volatility
  • Beginners Common Mistakes
  • Controlling your Emotions

...And much more

Moreover, you can make profits on options if the price of the stock doesn't move at all. In this book we are going to show you the exact steps that you can take in order to earn profits from stock that isn't moving very much. Using a secret strategy called the iron condor, you can make profits when the stock price stays the same or bounces around in between two fixed values.

We'll also show you how to earn money when a stock is positioned to make a large price move - but you have no idea which direction that price move is going to go. For example, stock can move big when there is an earnings call. However, before the call nobody knows if the company is going to report earnings that meet expectations or not.

As an options trader, it won't matter - you can make profits either way. And we are going to show you how in this book.

Options also provide a way to earn a regular income. Dividend investors have to sink hundreds of thousands of dollars - at a minimum - to earn a decent income from their stocks. As an income generating device, options allow you to earn a solid middle-class income using only a few thousand dollars. The problem is most people have no idea how to go about it - but we're going to give you the exact steps you need in order to make this happen.

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