The Wiccan Bible for Beginners: Magic, Spells, Wicca & Paganism (Includes a special bonus on Enneagram) (Paperback)

The Wiccan Bible for Beginners: Magic, Spells, Wicca & Paganism (Includes a special bonus on Enneagram) Cover Image
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If you want to learn more about Wiccan World and Improve Your Life by practicing Wicca, then keep reading.

While many may look at Wicca and scoff at the dress and history of the religion, the practices and rituals within the Wiccan sphere are very powerful. This is not a live action role play or fantasy acting. Anyone who has ever been curious about magic essentially has already begun their path. Rarely does any individual who starts this journey turn back unchanged.

With this new boom in acceptance of nature worship and magical practice Wicca has seen a rebirth as seekers of all walks of life search for insight into the subtle forces all around us. Communion with nature and other intelligence is a central focus for Wicca and many other of these movements. This book's purpose is to help the seeker begin their journey on a natural path, to empower themselves to make their own spiritual choices and walk the path safely.

Approaching magical techniques and rituals can be confusing or even intimidating at first; this is to be expected. Our western society has effectively eliminated communion with spirits from the popular sphere. It is regarded as 'not real' since it cannot be proven scientifically. There are some things science cannot prove and our society is coming to terms with that.

Here some Tips of what you will discover:

  • The principal Elements and the basics of Wiccan Magic
  • Many examples of Spells and Rituals for beginners
  • Principles of Magic - ancient and modern
  • Step-by-step guide to becoming a Practitioner of Wicca
  • Learn in easy way Wiccan Tools and The Wiccan Elements
  • An Intriguing overview of Wicca in our World
  • Magic as a powerful tool and an important part of Wicca

And Much More...

Even if you have never practiced the Wicca religion, don't worry, You will guide you to discover this magical world with a very simple approach.
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ISBN: 9781802430417
ISBN-10: 1802430415
Publisher: Grow Rich Ltd
Publication Date: March 24th, 2021
Pages: 248
Language: English