From Buddha to Jesus: An Insider's View of Buddhism and Christianity (Paperback)

From Buddha to Jesus: An Insider's View of Buddhism and Christianity By Steve Cioccolanti Cover Image
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A popular introduction to Buddhism, showing how Christians can understand and effectively dialogue with Buddhists. Buddhism is a rapidly rising religion in the West, but few Westerners know Buddhism from the inside. Having grown up with Buddhism and Christianity, Steve Cioccolanti highlights the similarities and builds bridges of understanding between the two major religions.

His account is studded with stories, parables, and illuminating observations. This book is remarkably easy to read, and Steve is an engaging and original guide. Discover Buddhism the way it's actually lived, not the way it's been presented in textbooks or by Hollywood. Now you can learn the 2 most popular religions in 1 book

"A groundbreaking book... Steve has an unusual insight into the Buddhist mind. I would use it for our Bible College students."
Dr. Wayne Cordeiro (Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship, a 10,000+ member church in Hawaii.)

"From Buddha to Jesus is a clear exposition of both Buddha's search for truth and the foundations of Buddhist culture. It then gives an account of how the Good News of Jesus can fulfill Buddhist law, and deliver people from the drive of endless perfectionism. A totally thought-provoking work "
Rod Plummer (Senior Pastor of Jesus Lifehouse Tokyo)

"Steve's book 'From Buddha to Jesus' is the best tool that I have found to find a common platform with Buddhists. Although the book is primarily focused on Thai Buddhism, the principles in the book can be used with Buddhists in Japan and with Buddhists in other countries. I highly recommend it "
Rev. Daniel Kikawa (President of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries, Pastor of Hilo Missionary Church)

"One of the books that I really read from cover to cover. I bought 10 copies and distributed them to my friends. I was once a Buddhist and this book really opened up my eyes. It is a must-read for all Buddhists, Eastern religion followers or even Christians who are looking for a way to reach out to these groups of people. Steve Cioccolanti was able to put things in the right manner and has written in a balanced and non-offensive way. This book rocks "
Daniel Hendrata (TV Host, Co-Founder of Anugrah Ministries)

"I have been a missionary in Thailand for 40 years. I read your book and was very impressed. I wish I would have had it sooner."
Dorothy H., Thailand

"Your book is one of my treasured collection and I've been reading it again and again. I love it so much. It helps me to understand Buddha and Buddhism and draw bridges between the two faiths. Keep up the good work and God bless ."
Mish N.

"Steve's gentle way of sharing his insight suits the Asian] audience very well... He has also broken some invalid preconceived ideas that Buddhists are closed to the Gospel."
Ching Wah, Singapore

"My husband and I have been reading it and although I am a second-generation missionary in Thailand (my dad arrived in 1946 ) your book has brought new insight and clarified many things and is helping me/us immensely in relating to the Buddhists. So, Thank YOU and Thank GOD "
Marianna & Erik, Thailand

"This book gave me confidence that I had a strategy Because we can start from a place of commonality, instead of a place of 'I'm right, you're wrong'. This teaching releases people "
Tim P., Thailand

"Anyone who comes in contact with Eastern religions should read Steve's book."
Col Stringer, President of ICFM Australia

"Truly enlightening and informative... A useful tool to reach not only Buddhists but many others confused by the plethora of religions."
Tom Inglis, Founder of Psalmody

"A well-written book with a clear and bold testimony."
Canon James Wong (Anglican Churc.

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