Crucifixion and Why Jesus Was Crucified (Paperback)

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Some people might think that Easter is about family get-togethers and the Easter Bunny. It is not. Therefore, this text, while focusing primarily on the prophecies of the Prophet Isaiah and especially on those that explain why Jesus was crucified, also discusses prophecies written by other Old Testament prophets. In the first three parts of this text, nine passages from the book of Isaiah will be examined leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. Those passages are Isaiah 1:18, Isaiah 64:6-7, Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:6-7, Isaiah 42:1-7, Isaiah 41:27-29, Isaiah 61:1-3, Isaiah 50:4-9, and Isaiah 52:13-15. The idea is that when a person sees and understands them, it will be much easier to understand the first coming of Jesus as a suffering servant, His death on the cross, and His second coming as a ruling and reigning king.

In the fourth part of this text, some of the specific details of what He had suffered for every person by being humiliated, tortured, scourged, and crucified will be examined. That part of this text will take a close look at the fifty-third chapter of the book of Isaiah. Once again, it will become very clear that the Holy Spirit had greatly used Isaiah to share with the world all about Jesus and about His life and death while in human form. After that, the fifth part of this text will share nine things that Jesus had accomplished by His death on the cross. Without a doubt, all human beings have received much by of His willingness to suffer and to die for all.

The final part of this text will try to bring the whole significance of Jesus dying on the cross to a logical conclusion. Obviously that conclusion greatly involves coming to Him by faith to be saved. To be clear, the intent will be to suggest that this existence is NOT really about this existence at all. That means that living one's life without Jesus is almost like NOT living at all. But even worse, leaving this life without Him is NOT very wise. That might sound mean-spirited or harsh. But it is the truth. So choose Jesus and live. Do not choose Him and forever regret that decision. In fact, the rich man that will be discussed in chapter fifteen of this text is probably doing that at this very moment. So do not make the same mistake. True biblical salvation is free to ALL who will come to Jesus.

About the Author

I became a Christian on 12/14/67. I have been married for 46 years. My wife and I have 5 grown children, 17 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren. I have received degrees from Old Dominion University in 1972, from the College of William and Mary in 1975, from Liberty University in 1993, and from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in 2001.

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