Roadkill Tastes Like Chicken (Paperback)

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"Paul Hood is proof that the American Dream is still alive and available for those that are willing to be diligent and have a never give up attitude. In a day where it is not only easy but accepted to have a victim mentality, Paul details in his book the things he learned on his path from poverty to ultra-success in an effort to take away excuses and light the path for others to follow. If you want more out of life, grab his book, Road Kill Tastes Like Chicken."


Serial Entrepreneur and current United States Senator representing the State of Oklahoma

"I met Paul through a mutual friend that suggested I have him on my show to give his testimony. His story of poverty to success brought tears to all of our eyes. His story includes many points where the hand of God was very active and his greatest victory was submitting to God's vision for his life. is book is a must read story of triumph. Paul's testimony can be seen at https: //"


Founder of the worldwide ministry His Glory, https: //

"I have learned through struggles in my life growing up in Brooklyn that success is generally how you react to what life throws at you. My friend Paul chose to take adversity and turn it into energy to change his life.rough his book Road Kill Tastes Like Chicken, Paul is sharing how all of us can do the same."


Men's Head Basketball Coach at Oklahoma State University

"Paul Hood's story is proof you can gain common sense from uncommon circumstances and when you are a victim of hardship, it doesn't mean you are a victim. I've known Paul for years and he doesn't just talk about being positive or generous or seeing problems as opportunities, he lives it every day. And, he didn't wait for his life to be rosy, he adopted that mindset when he was surrounded by addiction, crime and poor choices. He chose not to be de ned by his circumstances and to create his own American dream story. It's a story filled with faith, hard work, sacrifice, laughter, tears and inspiration. I know I'm a better person for knowing Paul and I believe you will be better for reading his story. You will find truth and encouragement and will be ready to write your own American dream story, complete with an ending of your choosing."


Two-time Emmy award winner news anchor for the CBS affiliate in Tulsa, OK and an honoree in the 50th Annual Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame

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ISBN: 9798986427867
Publisher: Hood CPAs
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2023
Pages: 210
Language: English